Classic Car Restoration and Repairs

Our team of vehicle specialists has always had a soft spot for classic cars. When we're given the opportunity to work on a piece of history, we always work our hardest to deliver an exceptional service while maintaining the authentic look and feel of the vehicle's original build.

While we admire those that take the time to work on their own restoration project, we also understand that time is often in short supply nowadays. The benefit of bringing your classic car to Gooch Accident Repair Centre is that it can be worked on while you go about your daily life. Not only that, but sourcing all the necessary tools can be very costly - we already own everything we need and our high standing in the industry allows us to purchase parts at affordable prices. Naturally, we pass these savings onto you. 

Our workshop is fully equipped with all the necessary tools and our experienced staff can dedicate a wealth of time to your project. So if you want to start enjoying your Sunday drive sooner rather than later, pay us a visit and we'll have you on the road in no time at all!
We're passionate about restoring classic vehicles
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